Introduce Yourself

This is an introduction. I don’t feel as if this is going to be adequate because it’s currently 9:55 PM and I am siting in the engineering building at my current university. I am deliberately choosing to refrain from disclosing the name of my university. I’m transferring in a few weeks to a community college, and although if you did the bare minimum research I’m sure you could figure out my university, I’m choosing not to disclose the name. It’s funny that you don’t even have to be an engineering major to sit in this building and utilize the high tech resources. As this first blog post is being written, I’m connected to an Apple TV. It’s been a nice release since to look up at the television screen apposed to the laptop after multiple hours of upgrading my website. I made her so pretty.

Regardless, as stated above, this is an introduction. What will this blog consist of? I promise it will be intelligent, humorous (or at least I think it will be), artistic, or thought-provoking. I promise it will be consistent, and I promise that it will be well thought out (unlike this introduction). However, when I was researching what to write in a blog to maintain a steady following, I did not receive the results I wanted. I was told bu every single successful blogger online to “find my niche”. I am just interested in and extremely versed in so many topics. I love music and am a songwriter, but also have this obsession with vegetarianism and veganism. I love fashion and art, but I also have a really extreme obsession with choir music. I love movies and television and would love to recommend and review things, but I know I’m not qualified to really make any kind of suggestion. I want to write about my college experience, and the transfer college experience, and why I don’t think you have to go to college. I also want to be able to sit and talk about the fact that I’m dreaming about Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury but also Elliot from Mr. Robot lately, or the fact that I had an interview today with Jimmy Kimmel (maybe it was in my mirror pretending, but that’s okay). Oh! I love coffee, too! Local coffee shops are my thing, and I’d love to keep tabs on all of the different ones I go to and write reviews. I also really find myself to have constant fixation on Instagram aesthetics and how to capture photos really well to match a feed consistently, and I’m also an animal activist. I also love going to travel to different breakfast places and ALWAYS getting an omelette with spinach to see if they succeed.

Are you seeing my problem?

This blog isn’t going to be made to be successful, or to be famous. I’m going to use this as a space to start writing about everything I love. Hopefully, you can find somethings that interest you. Also the comments are always going to be turned on. My inbox is always open. My DMs are always notified to my phone. I want to hear what YOU think about these topics as well. I am a woman, so I have lots of opinions on absolutely everything. I’m a woman- don’t attack me for sexism, please.

Feel free to stay tuned. If you want to be notified when I post stuff, I’ll probably send bi-weekly updates of the blog to my e-mail list, so feel free to join that!