A brief intermission

Do you like waking up hung over?

Do you like knowing when the nights over you’ve got nothing left to live for?

Are you scared, or babe, are you bored?

This upbeat song is one that I need among the rawness in Music Speaks.

I need to chase dreams for good riddance, but can’t lose myself in ambition.

I shouldn’t talk ‘cause when I chatter I sit around and just get sadder.

Happy music makes me feel more, but once it’s over i’m back to bored.

Do you like waking up hungover?

I would cus then when the night is over you don’t remember what you lived for-

that’s dark but happiness isn’t much more.

A checklist against this generation


// Passion is the world’s greatest beauty

See the world, dear look right through me

Shining eyes from music will glow

Thoughtful kids save the world we know. //

Tell me why we’re all so busy staring at a screen

We’re so worthless and so birth-less from birds and bees

Money, fame, career we are told is the key

but tell me why some of the richest lose ‘cause they’re unhappy

A loss in life is suicide, that’s dark (I’m sorry)

But if you can not take all my brutal honesty

You’re part of the big problem that this whole world has GOT to see,

and that’s unfair for kids to come that have to take the world you leave.


I hope that one day I am not just talking to myself

I hope that some way I can be like everybody else

It’s easier to lack ambition in our world so bored-

the disease on me is not something that is so easily cured!

Illness: ambition, and it comes with dirty side affects-

one of them’s passion but the doctor’s claim they can’t detect what part of me it is that this ambition may affect,

but through many hours and week I think the source I can select.


There’s so much yet nothing to keep us, us going

The art here is something

But your passion I’m loving



Cheer the hell up

I’m guilty of never taking my own advice, but even if I sit here, sit here and lie,

And say I can cheer myself up, I just might be able to help someone make their life bright.

Don’t fake your face, emotionless escape, under sheets I’ll wait.



// Frowning at the ground, sad radio hits are loud

Cheer the hell up! It’ll make you feel better!

Smile at the sky, be grateful for your life.

Cheer the hell up- it’ll make you feel better! //

I know it’s hard to pretend you’re alright, but no one’s asking you, asking you to lie.

If you’re not feeling happy, don’t just smile or no one else will know you’ve felt like this for a while.

Don’t fake your face, emotionless escape- under sheets I’ll wait.


Don’t say to people “I love you” to take away the pain you’re going through.

I told myself I was alone- but I forgot I had my home.




Do not fear- you are safe here.

There’s nothing that can harm you.

You can finally be who you're supposed to


// All I wanna know,

All I wanna see

Is what your life means to me

I’ll trust you and you’ll trust me

I’ll watch you heal me when I bled.

I’ll hold you in the moonlight,

Cause with all the wrong in this world? I know that’s right. //

Darling! Don’t watch the movies-

You gotta listen to me!

All I know’s what I’m told by the wiser ones so old.


And darling, when we’re old and our hair turns gray.

All I can guarantee is I’ll see you again one day.


It gets worse

I hate the beach when sand sticks to my skin,

I love the beach when i feel my skin cookin’

I hate the trees when their shadows put me in the dark

I love the trees when there is art carved into the bark.

I love the smell after rain when you go outdoors

I love the look of my dad’s girlfriend’s home decor

… and it gets worse.

I hate puppies when they can’t control their teeth.

I love puppies when they turn all cute and cuddly.

It’s not personal, I know- it’s more than they can help

But it’s my feelings and that's the truth, sorry ‘bout it, well…

*Haters Banter*


// There’s things I grow to love, and honestly, I’m not one to hate.

Just certain things in life

I really don’t appreciate.

So please just agree that I don’t have a curse.

I’m very caring, just vocal: but don’t worry:

- it just gets worse. //

I hate the world when emotions aren’t in my favor.

I love the world when I find an ice cream flavor to savor.

I hate fights when I get an unfair time.

I love fights when they get bad people out of my life.

I love the smell after rain when you go outdoors

I love the look of my dad’s girlfriend’s home decor

-it just gets worse.

I hate love songs when the singer doesn’t seem to care

I love love songs when the songs relate to where I stand

I hate rap when it makes girls sound just like meat,

But I love rap when Tyler Joseph drops a beat.


*You think my opinions are bad now? Wait til we get into politics! It gets worse! Oh you think this is bad? Wait til you see!

Well, actually…*

Don’t hurt my heart, and I wont hurt yours

Treat me decent , and I’ll love you through the wars.

Kid! Only Chumps Get Their Hopes Up

Why do some people feel they don’t matter?

Why’s it that some worlds will shatter?

What is it in this world that changed people’s faith?

What is it in this world that gets to dictate the way?

The way we live, the way we talk,

the people we meet on the street that we see- the way we walk?


// Life is turning itself up on its head

And I won’t be excited for anything again

Turmoils here now but it is not over-

Seemingly never done, and life turns colder. //

Why do some people show their cold side?

Why do some people have trouble staying alive?

What is it in this world that changes people’s brains?

What is it in this world that gets to dictate the way?

The way we live, the way we talk,

the people we meet on the street that we see- the way we walk?


I wonder who holds my world



Little miss hopeful

She waits for a world of peace, but she sees the best in everybody.

She hears peoples whispers wherever she goes.

She smiles wide at paintings, Mona lisa is she?

But she walks the same cause she already knows...


// Little Miss Hopeful: never has a worry.

Picture point focal!-

On the contrary-

She has faith in the world,

But no faith in herself- a failure she fears to be because art is such a dream.

Little Miss Hopeful-

You’re all I’ll ever be. //

The message she sends is why she lost her friends.

It came to an end when all of her ends met.

She never really got why

the people would close their eyes if they wanted to not cry,

They should have just tried.



All my friend’s friends are from online. They never met them, but they’re closest buds, and pictures are all they know of them.

Imagine never meeting your loved ones.

The only time acknowledgment comes is when it’s time to like posts from the weekend. The only time people talk to me is on Snapchat with caption “streaks”.

Imagine a real life conversation.


// Am I the only one with endless frustration?

Feeling like I was born in the wrong generation.

I’ve always been so full of answers not so dull-

that’s why I feel like I wasn’t meant to be a millennial.

A million different songs, and different dreams, and different ideologies,

and histories and different views on itty bitty policies,

and presidents, and paying rent, and building tents when late on rent.

It’s merciless! You’re on the street for being late on paying rent.

We forget that we all believe in different ideologies, and is there a God in our sea of galaxies & oak wood trees?

YouTube channels start careers- an easy way to now be heared.

Who cares if you have talent? You look really good.

Just shave your beard, cut your hair and dye it blue and then all that you have to do is give up all your artistry.

We’ll write the songs- follow our lead.


We’ll promote songs that others wrote to get you cash and book you shows.

You don’t even sing the songs- just look pretty. This won’t take long.

Then struggling artists like myself are getting placed up on a shelf,

cause I don’t have the money team to build a pop star life for me.

But is that what I wanna be?

I’d rather hold my artistry and let the money come to me naturally,

from people who really love what I am doing and get involved up in the music.

If it takes a decade, what do I care?

It’s not like I’m going anywhere.


The necessity of creation

Gone and wasted

Time misplaced and

So sour it tasted

To now be faced with

Your face emplacement

I’ll be in the basement

Tracing the mace

That sprayed my brain

Made my face think it’s going insane


// The blood I’ve shown is not my own,

but it stains my clothes

Not my skin, clothes alone. //

Sounds so cynical

But it’s so critical

To not be literal

And not hypocritical

If you believe my tales fictional

Or just too unoriginal

I don’t want to make it visible

Just remain stained and criminal


Someone please, please come again

Explain the pain that’s in my head

The pounding brain, it wants me dead

Take a pill and tame it instead.

queen of heart ache

She smiles at her laptop screen

She never really feels complete

She can’t seem to see her beauty

People’s beauty blinds me.

She never really leaves her room

She can barely hum out a tune

Her eyes disguise behind their blue as painless

but that’s not the truth


// Queen of heart ache

Queens cant beat an ace

You wont win a race

Against your heart ache //

She fears for the world she’s unprepared

Because of the craziness she bears inside her brain,

She’s unaware its idiosyncrasies in there.

Her beauty’s so rare, like a gem

But tell me why she must pretend

She’s happy when without a friend

She’s begging for her world to-


She’s fallen helpless on the ground

One person, if any, are ‘round

Always lost but never found-

The queen of heart ache needs a crown.

And struggling uselessly for air

She sits up and fixes her hair

Into a small puddle she stares-

And finally sees her beauty’s there.

What a strange old way to see it too,

When already down she now assumes

She’s been blind to other beauts-

She looks at a world brand new


self-advising adversary

Why can’t I find myself missing my own friends?

Self-advising adversaries are my night, and when it ends

Someone set my heart on fire and keep the water on the side.

Although love is so strong, fear’s been stronger all along.


// My brain flicks a switch when notes are played

It’s different for me when music’s in the game

Lyrical enhancement so cold it should be banned

Cause I believe music speaks when words can’t.

Never saw my fears with a face in front of me.

Always let them bury themselves beneath my cotton sheets.

The fears instill in me aren’t ones most kids will see.

I fear my dreams will never become a reality.


tale of terror

Nightmares in my bed,

Failure: fatal attraction.

They say nothing’s good.

I don’t listen but who would?

I’m telling you I know the worst

I’m telling you I’ve heard from her

I don;’t know why they listen to me if all I’m good for is a scream?

Nightmares through my head

Misery: fatal attraction.

They say nothing’s good

I don’t listen, but who would//I should.

I’m telling you I’ve heard the worst

I’m telling you I’ve heard from her.

I don’t know why they listen to me when I heard all this in my sleep

Nightmares out my head-

Failure? I’m attracted.

I’ll tell you I’m no good.

If you don’t listen? Well, you should.

I’m telling you I’ve heard the worst

I’m telling you I’ve heard from her

I don’t know why they listen to me

if all I’m good for is a scream

Nightmares, out my head

You’re a failure: I’m attracted.

They say I’m no good.

You should listen if you could.

I’m telling you I am the worst

I scream down halls that they've heard from her

Do you know why they listen to me?

Cause I’m a warning with a scream!

Nightmares in you head

I’m the main attraction.

They’ll tell you you’re no good-

But you won’t listen, even if you-


We fear the world unknown.

We lose sleep: it is gone

The walls are white, I note

The Earth has gravity but I float.


// Just breath, sleep and live.

Be alive, my friend.

The world is full of people just like you and me who all

need.some.sleep. //

We hear out there’s unsafe

We fear the thought of escape

I steer my mind to a space

That I could never replace.